Entry #1


2008-05-26 20:47:23 by ForFun808

Hey everyone, my name is Aron With 1 A and I'm a Partner for YouTube. I've always loved Newgrounds, so I'm gonna try and submit my most successful video series here! Thanks for watching :)



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2008-05-26 21:04:05

Congratz on your 1st submission, I was glad to help.


2008-05-29 06:40:28

Just a note that I was not "Flaming" you in my review of "The 12 fuck yous of Newgrounds" I was just stating how I don't really like it, everyone has a right to like/notlike something right? (I used notlike instead of hate because I'm trying to make a example) 2nd note, Becareful with video submissions on NG...... half the time even if they are good the will get heavily flamed. I'm not a flamer though (Sorry about using the term "bitching" in my review)


2008-05-29 11:25:33

you piece of shit. GTFO off newgrounds.


2008-05-29 11:48:05

Aww Crackerjax, don't piss the kid off. He might just commit suicide.


2008-05-29 20:12:57


leave this dude alone, i dont see what the point is in like straight attacking someone when all they do is submit a flash that they DID try on

some of things werent COMPLETELY correct, but dude so what, let the dude speak his mind as long as he dont start mis-rating shit and useing text to speech as voice acting.

it may have been a imbedded video but it was just to get the word out about his movie,

so basically Fukk You haterz.

peace out Aron[with 1 a :P]


2008-06-05 18:29:01

hey! its me! SaintJimmyGames!


2008-06-09 16:01:57

HEY its me David (AKA) Armyofpros

im trying to get my bros music on the audio portal


2008-06-11 13:12:35

Your house is a mess, and the lighting on this video makes the whole world seem awful, just look at the rain, and the mess, and the walls, the walls are crying.