Entry #4

The 12 Fuck You's Of Online Forums!

2008-09-03 19:59:24 by ForFun808

I uploaded the 12 Fuck You's Of Online Forums a few weeks ago. Watch it, its a list of 12 things that piss us off about online forums. Post this flash video in your online forum, or post the link to this video, and spread the word! We need to stop this BULLSHIT! lol.

The 12 Fuck You's Of Online Forums!


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2008-11-06 21:06:04

lol all your videos are hilarious man!you can make just aobut anyone laugh wiht your talent.

~KenyanPunch from youtube


2008-12-19 02:45:48

I hate you so much. You're such a hypocrite, and a baby.

I'm not being immature here, I trully, honestly, genuinly hate you. I'll elaborate.

You're a self righteous, judgmental, egotistical, hypocritial, self centered, idiotic, sorry excuse of a human being I've ever seen.

You make the most stupid complaints I've ever heard. Seriously? You're complaining about people putting ads in their movie's? Wow, seriously? How else do you suppose these people should make their money?

Your mantallity is horrible. You have incredibly high expectations for everyone around you. You probably think everyone else is beneath you and that no one's your equal or your superior, and that everyone should be to your expectations and everyone below your expectations is incompetent.

That's the real reason why you make these "12 FU's of _____" video's. You're jealous of anyone who's succeeded more than you, so you take the smallest, irrelivant flaw's about everyone else and critisize them out of preportion to make them feel shitty about themselve's in order to boost your ego.

You're a bully. An insecure, self righteous, egotistical, immature five year old bully with a teenager's body.

That's the reason I hate you.

Go ahead, call me a helpless NG fanboy if you want. Go for it, justify yourself, and never admit to your faults.

Go on living thinking that you're superior to everyone else.

Just know that's all you'll ever amount to.

ForFun808 responds:

lol and your a cry baby apparently



2009-01-19 21:56:39

Funny stuff, funny stuff...... And it also says in there Over 9000!


2009-05-09 16:56:34

Honestly, your opinion on NG will never count until you get somewhere above level 10, and actually post on the BBS, you crybaby.


2010-01-08 14:08:58

I just have one question.
Do you like waffles?