I uploaded the 12 Fuck You's Of Online Forums a few weeks ago. Watch it, its a list of 12 things that piss us off about online forums. Post this flash video in your online forum, or post the link to this video, and spread the word! We need to stop this BULLSHIT! lol.

The 12 Fuck You's Of Online Forums!


2008-07-06 18:46:17 by ForFun808

Hey everyone. I submitted another film here called HATERADE! THE ULTIMATE HATER DRINK! If you want to know where to get some Haterade, ask the people in the Newgrounds BBS, or the people who are commenting below!


The 12 F*ck You Videos is a series I created thats a HUGE hit on YouTube and MySpace, so I decided to bring the golden videos to Newgrounds as well. I've always loved Newgrounds and I've been just a browser for the longest time.

After releasing the first 12 Fuck You video here, I found out that releasing the one about Newgrounds FIRST wasn't the best idea. I should have introduced the series from my first videos, The 12 Fuck You's Of MySpace & YouTube, before releasing the one on Newgrounds here. The reason why is many users took it too seriously and didn't realize what my series was about - comedy.

Anyway all you fans and haters will get to see the rest of the series, along with other comedy content that I think will fit into Newgrounds fine. Love me or hate me, you all still watch me, and you all still talk about me in the BBS.

Thanks for your support everyone! :) The 12 Fuck You's Of Online Gaming is out on Newgrounds, go watch it!

The 12 F*ck You's Of Online Gaming!


2008-05-26 20:47:23 by ForFun808

Hey everyone, my name is Aron With 1 A and I'm a Partner for YouTube. I've always loved Newgrounds, so I'm gonna try and submit my most successful video series here! Thanks for watching :)